New Product Launch: PhishArm

Published by Uzair Ahmed on October 1, 2020

The bombardment of Phishing emails from criminal and nation-state threat actors is rapidly increasing. These attacks are quite sophisticated, and often challenging for email filters and perimeter defense technologies to identify them, let alone the average employee.

It is challenging for security teams to keep themselves up to date with the latest tactics of these attackers. According to a recent study reported on our post, The Ultimate Guide to Phishing Simulation, close to 91% of all cyberattacks starts off with a phishing email. In order to train company employees to identify these attacks, Right-Hand’s clients are using our Phishing Readiness and Training Readiness products to build cybersecurity culture.  

PhishArm’s integration with our Phishing Readiness and Training Readiness products help empower employees to serve as an extension of their security and risk management team. 

Phisharm enables employees to easily report phishing attacks to their security team’s dashboard, directly from their inboxes. PhishArm's intelligence creates an alert for the security team, while also assisting with a security incident investigation. 

How does PhishArm work?

When an employee reports an email using our PhishArm plugin, a notification is sent to the security team with a copy of this email. The platform admin has the ability to analyze all reported emails and categorize them accordingly (i.e. phishing, spam, safe, etc). The admin can also prioritize the severity of each reported email, from low to critical.

gif1-PhishArm Blog Post


PhishArm offers a dashboard that centralizes the status of how many emails were reported, resolved, or pending:


gif2-PhishArm Blog Post


PhishArm is compatible with Microsoft 0365 and G Suite to empower your employees to serve as an extension of your security team. Check out how it works:


gif3-PhishArm Blog Post(Outlook Integration)

gif4-PhishArm Blog Post

(Gmail Integration)

By reporting suspicious emails, employees are taking the necessary steps to protect your organization from cybercriminals.

Our team is prepared and excited to share more insights about PhishArm! Learn how this product can complement your existing cyber solutions! Click here and schedule a demo of PhishArm.